Google Plus for Business - 5 reasons why every business will want to join NOW!

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Includes key points for businesses of any size.
1. Do you use Google adwords?
You will want to connect ads to your Google Plus page’s +1s to save money! (e.g. 17% uplift on CTR)
2. Do you have a physical location?
If so, you will want to get started on Google Local
3. Do you want to create an ‘opt in’ list to begin relationships with new customers?
Within Google Search or from the website they can easily ‘follow’ your company page
4. Do you want to treat your customers and prospects better than the competition?
Using Google+ Pages and communities you can drive traffic to somewhere more intimate
Do you want to reward you best customers and encourage the rest to engage more?
Well, when you have a circlecentric marketing plan you can!
5. Do you want better organic search results?
The +1 button on sites allows your content to be shared even more effectively and with Google authorship your image appears alongside results
Also, if you want to increase efficiency you can do so with Google Enterprise, including using hangouts
People in the Google+ community are here to help so simply get in touch.
***Want more AWESOME hints, tips and tricks?***
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