How To Connect Your YouTube Channel To Google+

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If you’re wondering how to connect your YouTube Channel to Google+ / Google Plus then this video will show you the different steps to get you there.

There are a number of different ways to connect your Channel to Google+, depending on what way your YouTube Channel is set up.

1:30 Go to the top right of your Channel and click on your name. Then click on Settings from the dropdown

2:50 In the Settings area, if you have a square looking icon, then you won’t have this setting. If you have an icon with a blank person on it, then click on “Link channel with Google+”

3:03 On the next page you will be given the option to stick with your normal name, which is from your personal Google+ account, or if you want to “Choose a better name”. If you want to stay with your personal name, then select that option. If you want to pick a better name, then select that one and choose it.

3:33 You may be asked to Verify your account. If you are, then add your number to get teh PIN from Google.

3:45 Add the verification PIN to the form when you receive it and click on Continue.

4:00 If you went for a better name, you’ll have a square icon on your channel now.

If you have a different set up on your Channel, then definitely watch the rest of this video as there are a number of different scenarios that you can go through to connect your YouTube Channel to Google+.

Connecting your YouTube account to a Google+ account or page will have many benefits to you and your video rankings.

That’s how to Connect Your YouTube Channel To Google+.

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