Introduction to Google Plus

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This is the first video in a series of five, covering everything you need to know about Google+
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Welcome to ‘home’ on Google+
Understanding this is an interface:
Posts – writing in it, adding an image (dragging and dropping/from your images on Google+), add a link, youtube, event
Posting to public, circles or to a person
Circles are a way of organising your contacts
Adding someone to a circle by hovering over their name
Seeing a hovercard
And adding to an existing circle
Creating a new circle straight after hovering over
Organizing your Circles and finding more people
Moving circles around
Adding people into a series of circles by choosing one person to ‘add’
Dragging and dropping multiple people
Adding a shared circle
Deleting someone prior to adding
Seeing where a circle has been added
Visiting the home stream
Shifting between streams based on the circle content
Notifications – your messages
Click to see a post
Videos are viewable from within notifications
If an image you can visit that dedicated page
Arrow keys to move between notifications
Using J and K to move between them
When people add you into circles you can decide whether to add them back
Saying hello when people add you back and then deciding whether to have a circle see that content as well – notify by email cautiously!
You can navigate ‘home’ at anytime by clicking ‘Google+’ in the upper right corner
Saying ‘happy birthday’
Communities – searching for people already in communities
Joining a community
Intro: creating your own community – private or public
The Stream
Editing a comment
Adding a person to a circle
Creating a new circle for that person and others
Depending on settings – you decide who can get in touch with you
More streams on the homepage under the tab
L- refreshes the stream or click the button
+name to visit their Profile or a Page
Cick on their image visit Profile to
Using J and K to jump up and down posts in a stream
Additional keyboard shortcuts: type ?
Click a hashtag to flip the board over
What is +1, comment and share
How to +1 and share
leaving a comment
editing a comment
deleting a comment
Adding them into a circle from their hovercard
Click the Pages icon to see your page, or create a page
Google Local – reviews, or your reviews if you do it from a page.
Starting a hangout – and text chat
Starting a hangout from a Post
How to change your profile picture
How to change your cover picture
Tagging yourself – seeing that you are tagged.
About section
How to fill each part in and tailor who can see what details
How to hide or show who you have in circles
How to edit your ‘story’ content
Your hovercard – where the text comes from i.e. tagline and work sections

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