Social Networking Software: Information gained from web 2.0 tools can grow business

+1 Likes (0) Bob McCandless of Alphalogix speaks about the impact and relevance of web 2.0 tools, such as social computing, in today’s world. He discusses how companies must make sense of unstructured information and use it to make smarter decisions that drive business innovation.

Bob McCandless, Alphalogix:
“Web 2.0 tools like mashups, social networking and blogs, those are fantastic tools that help us gather information. But theyre the tools. Whats really important is the information thats being gathered from the customers, the suppliers, and the employees. Having that information, and finding new and innovative ways to make it available throughout the ecosystem, helps us to build smarter applications, smarter people, and better informed decisions that reduce our time-to-market, lower costs and help our customers make money.”



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