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Sam Guckenheimer has been the chief customer advocate for VSTS, responsible for its end-to-end external design. He describes his book, Software Engineering with Microsoft Visual Studio Team System, as a framework for thinking about software projects in a way that can be directly tooled by VSTS. It presents essential theory and practical examples to describe a realistic process for IT projects.

Readers will learn what they need to know to get started with VSTS, including

The role of the value-up paradigm (versus work-down) in the software development lifecycle, and the meanings and importance of “flow”
The use of MSF for Agile Software Development and MSF for CMMI Process Improvement
Work items for planning and managing backlog in VSTS
Multidimensional, daily metrics to maintain project flow and enable estimation
Creating requirements using personas and scenarios
Project management with iterations, trustworthy transparency, and friction-free metrics
Architectural design using a value-up view, service-oriented architecture, constraints, and qualities of service
Development with unit tests, code coverage, profiling, and build automation
Testing for customer value with scenarios, qualities of service, configurations, data, exploration, and metrics
Effective bug reporting and bug assessment
Troubleshooting a project: recognizing and correcting common pitfalls and antipatterns
This is a book that any team using or considering VSTS should read.

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